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品 牌 哲 學
 P H I L O S O P H Y

[Embrace Fair Trade]
We cherish the existing intangible culture and continue to support 
local traditional brewing techniques and agricultural development.
Our team is committed to becoming the most direct bridge between alcohol lovers and breweries,
hope to conserve the good sake, 
your appreciation and support can be directly fed back to the wine store.


[Get rid of the label, savor and enjoy]
Sake tasting is not the patent of a sommelier as everyone feelings are unique.
From today onwards, get rid of trend labels and savor every stage of life.
We have a huge network of sake brewing, 
so you can experience different sake with the most exclusive plan.

[ May you meet the sparkles in your life ]
Break through the comfort zone and try more to meet the sparkles in life.
May you find the purest happiness in every exploration
We actively collect all kinds of authentic sake, and our choices are free of restrictions and prejudices.
We are happy to share sake that is worthy of being liked by you.


[Start with "How are you?"]
Start an in-depth conversation with sake to get to know you and the people around you.

We value the efforts of the wine store, the quality of the products, and the expectations of customers.
We promise to store and ship the products properly and carefully,
Committed to making you feel the temperature of the product when it leaves the factory and the heart of the wine store.

Sakeholic is the direct link 
between brewery and customer
- Sakeholic - 

Tokyo. Hong Kong. Guangzhou

Sakeholic is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, and has our teams in Hong Kong and Guangzhou.
In Japan, we have a huge brewing network,
Let you experience different sake with the most exclusive plan.

Sustainability and support 
for the revitalisation of the Japanese region

Sakeholic will work hard to contribute to our ecosystem.
We will reuse our cartons and packaging materials for transportation.

Let the wine store hear your voice

Our team is committed to becoming the most direct bridge between alcohol lovers and winemakers,
Work hard to make those brewers who insist on being seen by the world!
Hope to pass on the quality at the same time,
Your appreciation and support can be directly fed back to the wine store.

Constant temperature guarantee, 
direct delivery from the wine storage

Sakeholic has a complete cold storage logistics network! Specially selected Japanese sake purchased by Sakeholic (Japan),
From the brewery all the way, use the freezer to refrigerate from Japan to the SAKEHOLIC (Hong Kong) storeroom,
Professional management at a temperature below 10 degrees. Sakeholic then uses refrigerated express delivery to your home,
To ensure that the sake is kept in good condition and quality when it leaves the factory.


Our mission is to be the link between local breweries and sake lovers around the world.
Conserve the sake making industry and support the development of the agricultural industry,
Committed to spreading sake and everything related to the world.

Sakeholic, discover surprises for you.

Sakeholic, cherish every relationship.

Sakeholic, with a sense and pursuit of life,
Try hard to speak to life and the world, expressing value, attitude and meaning.

Get buzzed, seize the day!